Swamp Air Cooler – Advantages Versus Portable Air Condition Unit

If you are looking for a room air conditioner but are unsure whether a swamp air cooler, also known as an evaporative air cooler, or if a proper, portable air condition unit would be a better fit for you, then in this article we will go over several advantages of swamp air cooler that make it quite attractive as compared with a regular portable air condition unit. The advantages are – it is easy to understand how the swamp cooling works, it will cool only a selected area of the room, and swamp cooling requires no vents or hoses whatsoever, and is easy and economical to operate. For the good measure, we will mention the main disadvantages as well which are: swamp cooling will not work in states with high humidity and it will not cool the entire room.


The operation of swamp air coolers is easy to understand

Indeed, there is really not much to it. The dry hot air is blown over the water. Since the process of taking up water requires heat, the air is cooled and humidified at the same time. Then the humid air is circulated, and eventually mixed with the new incoming hot and dry air, and the process is repeated.

Swamp air cooling will only cool a selected area of the room

Since there is no net heat loss, other than as much moist air that manages to escape from the room, the overall temperature of the room is not much changed. Only the area where the moist air is directed from the swamp air cooler will be pleasantly cooler, by as much as ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. This feature of a swamp evaporated air cooler can be used to your advantage.

Swamp air cooling requires no vents or hoses to operate

Due to the simplistic way the evaporated coolers operate, and since there is no directed heat transport circuit, there are no hoses or vents needed. No need to open the windows either. No need indeed even to have windows.

Swamp coolers are easy and quiet to operate mccoy air cooler

As there are no compressors, only the fans, swamp air coolers take up little energy, as little as a 60 W light bulb, and are generally quiet when running.


Swamp air conditioning will not work in places with high humidity

Due to the simple operation of swamp air coolers described above, they will not work when the humidity of the air is already high. The air that blows over the water simply can not accept any more moisture, and therefore can not cool down. That is why swamp coolers are also called dry air coolers. The average humidity of 38 percent is quoted as still acceptable for the operation of a swamp air cooler. The states that easily meet that limit are Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Southern California.

Swamp air conditioning will not cool the entire room

We mentioned that earlier as an advantage of evaporative swamp cooling. You can cool just the parts of the room where you are. However, when there are more people in the room, you often would want to cool down the entire room. Even the best evaporative air cooler can not do that. In contrast, a portable air condition unit is easily capable of cooling the entire room when its vents are configured as directed.