Free Backlinks – How to Get a PR 3 Ranking in 90 Days

Climbing to the top of the search engines is the goal of every home base business owner that own a website. A well optimize website alone may help you achieve those goals if you are a niche market with little competition. On the other hand if your niche market is one shared by many marketers, you will have to prove to the search engines that you site has more relevance. The way to differentiate your business from the many on the internet is by creating high quality backlinks. 구글광고대행

Many website owners are deterred from generating high quality backlinks to their website either from lack of time or lack of money. The truth is that creating thousands of backlinks does not have to be time consuming or costly. In fact there many ways to generate high Pr backlinks to you website for free. Using the methods I am about to share with you will be able to generate a PR 3 ranking in 90 days or less.

The first thing you must do to create free backlinks is to join five forums related to your niche. Once you have joined five forums, make sure you make a least 10 post per day to each forum. Forums usually have a high pr ranking and they are indexed by the search engines. Furthermore, every one of your post will equal to a high quality backlinks as long as you make sure you include you website’s url in you forum signature.

The next step you will need to take is to submit your website to as many directories you can that are relevant to your websites content. You can either submit your websites manually or you can use a submission service to speed up the process. In addition to the backlinks, you will also generate a great deal of traffic.

The third step will be to write three articles per week and submit your articles to fifty article directories every week. This method is one of the most effective, because once you submit your articles, chances are they will get picked up by other article directories creating even more backlinks to your website.

The fourth method is to post to one hundred social sites at least three times a week. There are hundreds of social networking websites like Digg, Sphinn, Stumble Upon and Mixx. These social web 2.0 sites have a high Google ranking and also can create a heap of traffic. I suggest posting to one hundred social networking and social bookmarking sites daily. To make the submission faster you should use a social bookmarking software to post to multiple sites at one time.