Dog’s Food – The Raw Food

There are different kinds of dog foods like wet dog foods, dry foods, etc. You can make food for your dog in home or you can also buy food from the market. What type of food will be perfect for your dog depends on dog’s breed and some other things. So you must have the basic knowledge about your dog’s breed, food habit and nutrition, otherwise you will be unable to take good care of your dog. russian food store

One of the best types of dog food is raw dog food. This kind of food can give your dog a long life and make it stronger and healthier and more energetic. There will be a lot of other types of benefits like stronger teeth, strong muscles, stronger bones, etc. Now the most serious point, how to make raw dog food? There are a lot of people who think that making raw dog food is a very difficult job. There are some complicated steps in making the raw food, but those things will also be easy if you of you follow some simple instructions. Applying some methods you can make the raw food very easily. At first you will have to know about the necessary ingredients. The main ingredient of the raw food is meat. The required measure of meat is about 70%, then you will need some smashed bones, chicken livers and some vegetables. You will have to add 25% vegetables and rest will be chicken livers and smashed bones. You can use the turkey as the main ingredient. Take the vegetables, chicken livers and chop those into small pieces. Add some olive oil with it. After doing these, take a large bowl and put all of those chopped vegetables and chicken livers and smashed bone in it. Add the turkeys and mix all the ingredients properly. Your dog’s raw food is ready. Serve this food to your dog and save the rest in the freeze. So following these steps you can make the raw food for your dog.

There are a lot of dog foods in the market. If you are buying and feeding your dog those foods, then you are doing the worst thing to your dog. There are no necessary ingredients in those foods. It is like feeding your child fast food all the day, which is very harmful for health. So you will have to learn how to make raw food for the dog. If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, then you will be able to make the best thing for your dog. Make sure that your dog is taking the raw food regularly and no ingredients are missing in it. Through this way you can make be the owner of a strong and healthy dog.